Old Way

The British Pilgrimage Trust is working to develop one of Britain’s great rediscovered pilgrimage routes: the Old Way, a 240 mile journey from Southampton to Canterbury.

An Ancient Route

Similar to the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain, this pilgrimage path was almost forgotten – but BPT co-founder William Parsons rediscovered it on Britain’s oldest road map (Gough Map, c.1360). This map reveals an intriguing red line running between Southampton and Canterbury.

Taking our cue from the Gough Map’s key waypoints, a new long-distance pilgrimage route exists, based on an ancient old way.

Our Old Way Online Guide gives you everything you need to know to walk Old Way – breaking down the route into 38 half-day sections.

More about our Old Way Online Guide

A GPX download of the route is available for free for all pilgrims.

Download Old Way route onto your smartphone

Click for instructions on how to download a GPX file onto your smartphone

Gough Map, c. 1360
The original Old Way route

Our criteria for re-creating this route have been:

1. The Gough Map Waypoints

2. Footpaths not Roads

3. Heritage and Holy Places

4. Nature and Beauty

NB: Navigating the Old Way is via your smartphone – or Online Guide – it is not yet waymarked.

Wild horses atop Cissbury Ring

Walk well pilgrims!