Gifting a ‘Friendship of the BPT’ to a Friend!

The process of giving a ‘Friendship of the BPT’ to your friend, lover or spouse is simple…

  • When purchasing, add the gift receiver’s name instead of your own, and choose an appropriate username and password for them.
  • Use your own email address in the registration process, so that you can verify the account yourself, and keep the gift a secret until it’s time to give it!
  • Choose on purchase whether you want your gift to renew yearly, or to give it as a one-off gift. (Of course, if you purchase a ‘Friend for Life‘ account, the gift is for life!)
  • When the time comes to give your gift, simply present them with a link to our login page to your loved one, along with the registration details you used to create the account. They will be able to change details such as their email address and password once they’ve accessed their account.

Gift a Friendship of the BPT