About the Old Way Online Guide

A Guide For Everything You Need To Know To Walk Old Way

During the current Coronavirus lockdown, the British Pilgrimage Trust urges pilgrims to follow UK Government guidelines on travel and exercise. The Ramblers Association also has well-detailed advice for those wishing to walk during this time.

We are suspending a review of businesses and other centres included in the guide until the lockdown is fully lifted. Until then, pilgrims should assume that opening hours and other details listed within the guide and within each section’s Google Map may not be accurate always ring ahead to be sure that the places you want to visit are open!

The Online Guide has been created using the BPT’s expertise and the knowledge of our dedicated team of volunteer route testers. We are proud of this guide as it is now, but we see it as a collaborative project, which will expand and transform as more pilgrims (like you!) walk it, providing feedback and updates on the route.


The guide breaks the route down into 38 sections (plus alternate route options). Each section is about a half-day’s walk.

For each section of the guide, pilgrims will find:

Navigation Guidance:

While Old Way is not yet waymarked, the following resources provide pilgrims with all that they will need to navigate the route…

  • GPX download, workable on any mobile map app
  • Route-marked OS Maps
  • Google Mapping, locating holy places, accommodation, food stops, and more along the route.
  • Mileage and elevation information

Instructions for using a GPX file to show you the route on your smartphone

In order to use GPX files on your smartphone, you will first need to download Guru Maps or an equivalent mapping app (Guru Maps is £17.99, renewing each year,) and for the best navigation experience, the OS Maps App (£23.99, renewing each year). For instructions and links for how to do this, click the button above.

Alternatively, you can use the Google Maps linked in each section to navigate along the route, and/or the route-marked OS Maps.

Of course, you can also purchase hard copies of the OS 1:25K Explorer Maps if you prefer to navigate without a phone.

Accommodation, Food & Transport Listings:

Under the current circumstances, we recommend ringing ahead to be sure that the places you want to visit are open!

  • Each Old Way section (about half a day’s walk) has at least one food and accommodation stop identified, with relevant website and booking links
  • The BPT have identified, wherever possible, food and accommodation offerings for various budgets and inclinations for each section of the route
  • We encourage pilgrims to consider the environment when planning their journeys to and from Old Way. Public transport links are indicated at the beginning and end of each section, for those who do not wish to undertake the entire Old Way route in one continuous journey

Holy Place Suggestions:

  • From ancient churches to thousand-year old Mulberry Trees, each section’s Google Map is full of holy places
  • Each holy place is given a brief introduction on the Google Map, and wherever possible has a link to further detail on other websites

Alternate Routes:

  • Not all pilgrims wish to walk precisely the same path: where we have identified multiple high-quality route options, we have created optional alternative routes
  • Where alternate routes are given, this is indicated clearly within the guide – as is the reason for providing a further route option

Route Overview:

  • Each section begins with a brief overview of what a pilgrim can expect to encounter in the landscape
  • Links to further detail, and further resources, are provided.
  • You will find plenty of beautiful photographs within each section, to inspire you as you plan your journey along the Old Way

Please note: while every care has been taken to ensure potential hazards are indicated within each section of the Old Way Online Guide, the British Pilgrimage Trust accepts no liability for any omission or inaccuracy nor for any accident or injury incurred in the course of walking the Old Way. Opening times, accommodation and food stops, and other local information within the guide are updated regularly, but it is always possible that inaccuracies within the guide will occur as businesses and other centres change.

Access to the Old Way Online Guide: £10 for 8 months’ access, or through our Friends of the BPT initiative.

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A GPX download of the route is also available for free for all pilgrims.

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