York Minster Pilgrimage in a Day

NE England, Yorkshire & Humber, 1 day, 1-Day Cathedral

York Minster City Circular Day Pilgrimage6.5 miles. A one day pilgrimage around the city of York exploring some of its most well known, and most secret places of pilgrimage. (See top Google map below / Developed by BPT Volunteers Micki McNie & Anthony Skeels)

York was founded in 71AD when Cerialis and the Roman Ninth Legion constructed a military fortress between the Rivers Ouse and Foss; they named the place Eboracum meaning Yew, a sacred Celtic tree. The Anglo-Saxons were the first to confuse the Celtic word to mean Eoforwic. then the Vikings settled here and they interpreted it as Jorvik. Viking influences can still be detected with Guthrum, a Viking leader, and Guthrumgate, which derives from the Old Norse ‘gata’ meaning road or way. So in York today the gates are streets/ways, and the Bars are the Gates into the ‘Old City’. Jorvik was shortened to something resembling its present form ‘York’ by the medieval ages.
Through York’s various ages, there have been many diverse religious beliefs of its inhabitants. You will become at one with them as you walk in their footsteps through their streets. Your journey will take you from a pagan belief in deities to the Anglo Saxon conversion to Christianity that had an enormous social and cultural impact. The building of a magnificent Cathedral and later the Abbey of St Mary’s. On this journey something of all these historical ages of life in the City will be covered, their beliefs, sufferings and joys. You will meet them as you visit each of these holy places, providing a rich canvas to reflect perhaps on where you stand.

Linear route options starting from:
Bilbrough – 9 miles – Paulinus Way (lavender line on Google Map below)
Skelton – 5 miles – Whitby Way (blue line on Google Map below, with circular option marked by dark blue line). Optional train start at Poppleton, instead of Skelton.
Sutton on the Forest – 11.5 miles – Whitby Way (blue and orange lines on Google Map below)

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Skelton – Park & Ride every 10 mins, or 19 Bus every 20 mins.
Poppleton – Train station.
Sutton-on-Forest – Bus.
Bilbrough – Bus.


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