Paulinus Way

1 week, North East England, Yorkshire & The Humber, North West England

Paulinus Way – 65 miles – 7 days – Todmorden to York Minster. Paulinus began as a humble monk in Rome but soon found himself with great responsibility. After arriving in Kent as part of Pope Gregory’s second mission in 604, Paulinus travelled north with Ethelburga of Kent, where she married Edwin of Northumbria. Paulinus was on a mission to convert the North to Christianity and baptised many people, including King Edwin and his assassinated brother’s daughter, the future St Hilda of Whitby. After becoming Bishop of York, when King Edwin died in 633, Paulinus returned to Kent where he became Bishop of Rochester. The North returned to paganism for a few years, until King Oswald eventually took Christian control of the region, with Aidan of Lindisfarne by his side. 

Explore the unspoilt landscape of old Northumbria, walking rivers and dales, and visiting the stone crosses placed by Paulinus himself to mark wherever he had been in the North. Visit significant sanctuaries and minsters at Halifax, Dewsbury and Wakefield before ending at the great York Minster. The gorgeous views and holy places across the North are likely to restore your spirit.

Beautiful dales
Balance of nature and urban in the route
Learn about early Northern Christianity at walking pace

Holy Places along route listed in our book Britain’s Pilgrim Places: Dewsbury; Wakefield; York.

York Minster Pilgrimage in a Day (click to view other page)

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