The Great Stones Way

SW England, 4 day, Prehistoric

The Great Stones Way – 36 miles – 4 days – Swindon to Salisbury. This pilgrimage links the North Wessex Downs to Salisbury Plain, across the Vale of Pewsey – connecting us with our deep, prehistoric past. From the tranquil meads beside the river Avon to the sun-stained high chalk at Marlborough Down, this landscape is consecrated by stone circles, henges, barrows, and historic churches – as well as cosy pubs and pretty little villages: England’s Summerlands. Pilgrimage here is an ancient practice, with raised banks called cursuses revealing processional routes many thousands of years old. Connect two of Britain’s greatest megalithic temples – Avebury and Stonehenge – with your footfalls; feel the green turf of Old Sarum beneath your boots; before a final flourish in Salisbury’s magnificent Cathedral Close.

Salisbury Cathedral Pilgrimage in a Day7 miles, 1 day – Great Dunford Church via Old Sarum to Salisbury Cathedral.

Low-cost hostels along route – Stonehenge Hostel and across region.

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