Exeter Cathedral Pilgrimage in a Day

1 day, 2 day, Cathedral, South West England

Exeter Cathedral in a Day – 9 miles from Newton St Cyres. (Or 2 days, 15 miles from Crediton). From either the 1-day starting point of Newton St Cyres Church or the 2-day starting point of St Boniface’s church and statue in Crediton, this is a sumptuous pilgrimage route through countryside and along the rivers Creedy and Exe to Exeter Cathedral. The one-day route starts at the church of St Cyr and St Julitta in the town of Newton St Cyres, dedicated to the early church martyrs St Cyriac and St Julitta, put to death in 304 AD in Tarsus, Asia Minor. The church itself is a fine 15thcentury building. Moving south and east towards Exeter, the route then takes in another two exquisite medieval churches, St Mary’s in Upton Pyne, St Peter’s in Brampford Speke, before passing an ancient stone cross on its way into Exeter city centre, where the magnificent and ancient cathedral waits to greet the modern-day pilgrim.

In collaboration with the British Pilgrimage Trust, this route was created by Nick Mayhew-Smith,  author of ‘The Naked Hermit‘, and Britain’s Holiest Places. Photos by Guy Hayward.

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