Chichester Cathedral Pilgrimage in a Day

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Chichester Cathedral Pilgrimage in a Day

Stoughton to Chichester Cathedral – 1 day, 8 miles. The route begins at Stoughton, a downland village with a thousand year old church, then to The Devil’s Humps – ancient burial mounds, mini hills on the hilltop that hold our ancestors’ most illustrious heroes. Then the evergreen heart of the South Downs, Kingley Vale, a twisting forest of legendary thousands of years-old Yew Trees, including ‘The Ancient Watchers’. Then the old Saxon chapel at West Stoke, and the journey culminates in the majesty of Chichester Cathedral.

Chidham to Chichester Cathedral – 8 miles via Bosham.

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A ‘Jerusalem’ Pilgrimage – Haslemere to Chichester – 2 days, 26 miles, or Easebourne to Chichester, 1 day, 15 miles . From Haslemere and the highest hill in Sussex, we walk to Chichester, where William Blake – the poet behind Jerusalem – was thankfully not hanged in 1804. Via Temple of the Winds – highest hill in Sussex, and place where Tennyson (early William Blake adopter) was inspired. The Deep Dark Green Woods of Ancient Sussex. Oak and Ash and Thorn. The famous Henley pub. Sleep in Easebourne. The Green Chapel of Cowdray Castle Ruins. Heyshott Pilgrim Church. The South Downs – up we go… Charlton – where the first English WI was founded (the WI was given ownership of the song Jerusalem in 1928). The Trundle – Ancient holy hill where William Blake was inspired. Lavant – the house where William Blake celebrated his liberty, and dined twince weekly with the Lady of Lavant while composing Jerusalem. Chichester Guildhall – where Blake was acquitted of treason and sedition – which would have seen him hanged! Chichester Market Cross. Chichester Bishops Palace and Cathedral.

These routes and cover photo by William Parsons.

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