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All our events are designed to introduce more people to British pilgrimage, raise funds for the BPT, and to help establish a network of British pilgrim sleep-spots.

Come along, have a special time, and support the revival of British Pilgrimage.

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St Thomas, Winchelsea Church Windows

Sat 26th June 2021: Old Way – Icklesham to Rye. 9 miles. £60 for a single pilgrim ticket or, if two pilgrims order together, £100 for a double pilgrim ticket (i.e. £50 each pilgrim). Make Pilgrimage along the Old Way with Dawn Champion to the twin holy hill towns of East Sussex – Winchelsea and Rye. We start at Icklesham, where we encounter the deep peace of this church twinned with its ancient yew tree. Moving through Pett Level, we revel in the acoustic atmosphere of the marshes and its birdsong which inspired the title Wind in the Willows. Later, we walk through the ancient portal of New Gate into the holy hill town of Winchelsea to be dazzled by the glorious stained glass of the parish church. We reach our destination of Rye via Camber Castle, ascending the cobbled hill to the 12th Century St Mary’s Church. If able, we’ll climb the church bell tower and survey spectacular views, with the bell chimes concluding our journey in stillness and reflection.

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Snodhill Castle view down the Golden Valley

Wed 30th June 2021: Ley Lines 100th: Old Golden Dore Pilgrimage. 1 day, 11 miles. £60 per pilgrim ticket. Walk the River Dore through the Golden Valley from its source near Arthur’s Stone, on the day 100 years ago that Alfred Watkins had his revelation about ley lines, inspired by the Herefordshire landscape. Rivers are the oldest natural paths of all, predating even Watkins’ navigational ley lines, which were created by humans. This one-day route (part of a 4-day route) is inspired by the River Dore, starting from the source of the River Dore on Merbach Hill. Then we will descend from Arthur’s Stone (which inspired Aslan’s Stone Altar in Narnia) into the lowland floor of the Golden Valley. From there we will follow the River Dore, and along the way will visit churches in Dorstone, Peterchurch, Turnastone, St Margarets Bacton, and motte and bailey castles at Dorstone and Snodhill, and a holy well at Peterchurch. The pilgrimage’s destination is Dore Abbey, a very significant 12th-century Cistercian monastery, and we will arrive at the same time that Alfred Watkins had his revelation 100 years ago on 30th June 1921 in Herefordshire.

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Glastonbury Tor

Fri 9th July 2021: Glastonbury Way Day Pilgrimage. 7.5 miles. £60 for a single pilgrim ticket, or if two pilgrims order together, £100 for a double pilgrim ticket (i.e. £50 each pilgrim). This beautiful newly-launched and waymarked 7.5-mile day route around Glastonbury centres around two things: healing water and the rich overlay of traditions and stories. Led by Guy, there will be lots of dialogue between folklore and religion – think Arthur, Guinevere & Morgan Le Fay, the man who buried Jesus, the Holy Grail, the goddesses of Ceridwen, Bride & Brigid. // You will meet St Margaret’s Chapel, Wearyall Holy Thorn, Bride’s Mound and Well, the old oaks of Gog Magog, the Tor and its Egg Stone, the White Spring, the Chalice Red Spring.

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Canterbury Cathedral

Sat 24th July 2021: Old Way – Bekesbourne to Canterbury. 8 miles. £70 for a single pilgrim ticket or, if two pilgrims order together, £120 for a double pilgrim ticket, i.e. £60 each pilgrim, this includes admission to St Augustine’ s Abbey. Led by Dawn Champion, we begin at Bekesbourne, owned by Bishop Odo of Bayeux, and where Thomas Cranmer wrote The Book of Common Prayer. We head on cross country for sacred wells, hidden paths and ancient trees. Emerging in Fordwich, England’s smallest town, we encounter the River Stour before tracing its flow to Canterbury, where we follow in Queen Bertha’s footsteps through the UNESCO World Heritage Site to discover St Martin’s, the oldest church in the English-speaking world; St Augustine’s Abbey, the cradle of Christianity; and the great Canterbury Cathedral itself.

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If Covid forces the event date to be cancelled, we will transfer your ticket to a postponed date in the future. But we are also offering full refunds in this scenario too, should you wish for that.

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