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BPT on BBC2 TV in March 2018!

Last March, on Good Friday, 30 March 2018, BPT’s Guy Hayward appeared in the third and final episode of BBC2 TV Series ‘Pilgrimage: The Road to Santiago’ with TV personalities Heather Small, Ed Byrne, Neil Morrissey, Debbie McGee, Kate Bottley, JJ Chalmers, Raphael Rowe. In the first fragment, he gets a few of them to […]

“100 Silences” Pilgrimage in the Brixton Bugle

At the end of Will’s “100 Silences” pilgrimage, he gave the remnants of the battlefield soil carried from Southampton to local children in Brixton, who laid it on the war memorial (built only last year) for African and Caribbean servicemen. This is the article as written for the local Brixton newspaper: Young and old join […]

“100 Silences” Pilgrimage in the Southampton Daily Echo

Co-founder William Parsons’ recent Pilgrimage of Remembrance, featuring 100 recordings of silence at 100 WW1 war memorials, was featured in the Southampton Echo newspaper. Read the article here:

Church Times launches ‘1-day pilgrimage routes to cathedrals’ and ‘godparent-child pilgrimages’ projects

Church Times launches ‘1-day pilgrimage routes to cathedrals’ and ‘godparent-child pilgrimages’ projects ‘Turn cathedral visitors into pilgrims,’ says British Pilgrimage Trust by PAUL WILKINSON 05 OCTOBER 2018 People are being asked to devise pilgrimage routes that would take a single day to each of the cathedrals in Britain. “It’s the most accessible way to engage with […]

Churches and Pilgrimage (How to get Britain going again) An Article by William Parsons for the NCT

This September, Will wrote an article for the National Churches Trust Annual Review, about his vision for pilgrimage in Britain and how churches can become places that more people engage with through the open act of pilgrimage. Have a read of the article here: Here’s a quote from the article: “We have seen time […]

The Old Way in Suitcase Magazine

The Old Way pilgrimage recently featured in the Slow Edition of Suitcase Magazine, an award-winning travel mag much loved by ‘influencers’ globally.  Will guided Rae the journalist on the last four days of the route, rich with castles, holy wells, ancient trees, and more churches than you can shake a pilgrim staff at. It was […]

The Old Way pilgrimage in the Telegraph

We are very glad to share this article about the Old Way and the BPT’s work with you. Many thanks to Harriet Compston and the Telegraph.

Rupert Sheldrake talks to Russell Brand about pilgrimage

The British Pilgrimage Trust’s Patron Rupert Sheldrake was recently interviewed on Russell Brand’s “Under the Skin” podcast. Here Will has edited pilgrimage-relevant excerpts from the interview. Brand on Pilgrimage: “To me it sounds bloody delightful” – “It’s the sort of thing I might do, actually” – “I wanna go to a bloody cathedral”

British Pilgrimage on Channel 4 with Tony Robinson

Earlier this year Will took Tony Robinson on a pilgrimage to Britain’s largest virgin Oak tree – called Majesty, near Nonington. Last Saturday, the programme aired on Channel 4. You can watch the whole thing on the Channel 4 website – it’s good – go ahead. Or you can just watch our clip, here: (Photo […]

British Pilgrimage in the Spectator!

Last Saturday (July 2016) the British Pilgrimage Trust featured heavily in an article in the Spectator. We had little choice about the line the journalist took, and he decided on a ‘pilgrimage now with less Christianity’ angle – which is strangely quantitative, and possibly mis-leading, because there can be as much Christianity as you want […]

British Pilgrimage feature on BBC 1 Songs of Praise

William Parsons, and Guy Hayward, founders of the British Pilgrimage Trust, were honoured to be featured on BBC1 Songs of Praise during their  pilgrimage from London to Walsingham. Will had devised a pilgrimage route connecting Willesden and Walsingham, and he had found a song to offer for each day of the pilgrimage (you can listen […]