Volunteer: Special Skills

Do you have a special skill that you could offer? Perhaps you’re brilliant at editing photos, an expert in GIS or have specialist IT know how? If you think we could benefit from your expertise, join our Skills Bank, a unique group of people we can call upon for specialist knowledge. If we have particular roles that need filling they will appear below, but you may have something to offer that we haven’t yet considered, so why not get in touch?


This will depend on what you have to offer. Roles will be considered on an individual basis.


Likely to be ad-hoc or project-specific. You will need to be available for volunteer catch ups as required.

About You

You’ll have a strong level of skill in a specialist area, and a willingness to help out when needed. You can be based anywhere in the country, but you’ll need a good broadband connection.

Volunteer Benefits 

  • Volunteer newsletter
  • Training
  • Free access to the Old Way Online Guide
  • 15% off Cotswolds Outdoors (for all your pilgrim kit!)
  • 30% yearly subscriptions to Guru Maps app for pilgrim navigation.
  • No one should be out of pocket for volunteering, so we reimburse reasonable travel expenses.