The Welsh Cistercian Way

3 month, Wales

The Welsh Cistercian Way – 672 miles – 3 months – Caerphilly to Caerphilly (circular). Travel the length and breadth of Wales with a pilgrim’s intent by following the Welsh Cistercian Way. Wales has been a beacon of culture and spirituality for thousands of years, and remains so to this day; the mountains are dotted with standing stones, ancient churches, monasteries, and wells – bound together by myth, song, and living history. The Welsh maintained their relationship with the Classical, Christian world throughout the early Middle Ages, and it is from here that the earliest missions to Ireland and England began. Wales is known for its fine Cistercian Abbeys, that this pilgrimage commemorates. Wales is currently experiencing a cultural renaissance, with the revival of the Welsh language after centuries of oppression – what better way to experience this beautiful, dynamic country, than on pilgrimage? Breach the stout walls of the Norman Castle at Caerphilly. Hear the tale of Merlin whispered by the rocks of Dinas Emrys. Sing the songs collected by noted poet John Ceiriog Hughes as you explore the valley where he was born.

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