Triskelion Way (via Peel Cathedral)

Isle of Man, 4 day, 1-Day Cathedral

The Triskelion Way – 36 miles, 4 days. Rushen Abbey via Peel Cathedral to Maughold. This is the Isle of Man’s only pilgrimage route, and links the historic holy places of Rushen Abbey, Peel Cathedral and the magical, remote Maughold Church, the site of an extensive ninth century monastery. The route moves through ravishing coastal and hill scenery, with a particularly wild and remote section over the hills and moorland. The clifftop views are breathtaking as you approach Peel and also Maughold. Seals, cormorants and (in summer) basking sharks, may make appearances too. There are top-grade natural holy places, such as the two dramatic waterfalls at Glen Maye and Spooyt Vane (‘White Spout’ in the local endangered language of Manx Gaelic) – their crashing white noise will cleanse your senses. You will find carved Celtic and Scandinavian stone crosses, and, unique to the Isle of Man, many examples of a new category of ‘holy place’ – ‘keeills’ – which are semi-ruined C6th-12th chapels.

Discover an island of Britain with a unique identity
Engage with some of the remotest forms of spirituality
Enjoy the rare ‘keeills’
Accommodation available along the way

There is accommodation available on or near the path at Castletown, Dalby, Peel, Kirk Michael and Ramsey. Triskelion Way is featured in our book Britain’s Pilgrim Places.

Peel Cathedral in a Day – 3 options, of which 2 are along Triskelion Way.

Rushen Abbey to Peel – 12 miles.
Kirk Michael to Peel – 8 miles.
Douglas Priory (The Chapel of St Bridget at the The Nunnery) to Peel – 12 miles –  following the Heritage trail along the former Douglas to Peel railway line from Quarterbridge.

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