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The Ridgeway – 85 miles – 7 days – Ivinghoe Beacon to Avebury. Ride the crest of the North Wessex Downs and the Chiltern Hills – two of Britain’s greatest chalk escarpments – by following this National Trail from end to end. The Ridgeway is one of Britain’s oldest roads, connecting the sacred river Thames to the vast ritual complex of henges and circles of stone and wood at Avebury. Pilgrims following this ancient route walk in the footsteps of our far ancestors; meeting hill forts, sacred springs, barrows, and Roman temples, that look over the pretty villages, woods, and fields in the valleys below. Make an offering of coin to the dark smith Wayland at his Smithy; discover the story of the White Horse and the Dragon at Uffington Castle; and gaze across the wide downs into Aylesbury Vale at Ivinghoe Beacon. Enchantment and adventure are woven into the fabric of this week-long route. For on the high chalk, Britain’s Otherworld is close at hand.

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