St Rumbold’s Way

SE England & London, 2 day

St Rumbold’s Way (aka St Rumwold) – Kings Sutton to Buckingham17 miles, 1-2 days. Follow this infant saint’s life – who is said to have lived for three days in 662. During this symbolic timeframe he pronounced himself a Christian, requested baptism, and then preached a sermon on the Trinity. This route starts at the font he was baptised in, and the second stop is the field where he was born called Chapel Field near Walton Grounds, where there was once a chapel dedicated to him. St Rumwold also foretold his own death and asked to be buried at King’s Sutton for a year, then Brackley for a year, and then permanently at Buckingham, the three anchor points of this route.

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  1. I loved this route though met few horny dandies. However I did spiritually commune with Rumwold. My own baby, born a few days ago, just preached a beautiful sermon… hopefully he doesn’t also foretell his untimely death! 😉


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