Saint Oswald’s Way

1-2 week, North East England, Yorkshire & The Humber

Saint Oswald’s Way – 97 miles – 10 days – Lindisfarne to Heavenfield. The route of this pilgrimage follows the life and deeds of Saint Oswald, an Anglo-Saxon the King of Northumbria, known for his piety and generosity. Beginning at the Holy Island of Lindisfarne in the north, given by Oswald to Aidan for the purposes of setting up a community there, the Way follows the coastline for a spell, before forging inland through beautiful countryside to the aptly-named Heavenfield. This pilgrimage allows you to encounter the spirit of this idyllic coastal region; bordered to the south by Hadrian’s Wall, and protected by the Cheviot Hills to the East. In this land of Saintly Kings and Ancient Emperors, pilgrims can draw strength from myriad holy places.

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