St Conan’s Pilgrims Way

Central Scotland, 6 day, 1 week

St Conan’s Pilgrims Way73 miles, 6-7 daysIona to Dalmally, or Dalmally to Iona. There is something special about this pilgrimage way – it connects the two significant holy places of Iona – famous through St Columba for bringing the Christian faith to the Highlands of Scotland in the 6th century – and Dalmally – where St Conan, a disciple of St Columba, founded a community on an area of ground known as Clachan Diseart on which stands the present iconic octagonal Church of Scotland. There is still the remains of holy well dedicated to St Conan in the village, once said to have facilitated healings. Today Dalmally is home to Craig Lodge Family House of Prayer, which is a centre for worship, retreats and healing. Pilgrims are always welcome but should arrange accommodation in advance.
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