St Bega’s Way

4 day, North West England

St Bega’s Way – 40 miles – 4 days – St Bees to St Bega, BassenthwaiteSaint Bega was an Irish princess, who once lived a pious life on the windswept coast of Cumbria, before fleeing inland for fear of pirates. Monks at the Norman Priory Church of St Mary and St Bega at St Bees once prayed to her when they feared a miscarriage of justice would leave them bereft of their land. When the time came to perambulate around their estate, a heavy fall of snow covered the entire country, except for their priory, revealing its proper extent. Perhaps begin your pilgrimage by perambulating around the Priory Church, as they once did. From there, travel inland through the low dells of the Lake District, before reaching the simple chapel of St Bega at Bassenthwaite.

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