St Bega’s Way

4 day, North West England

St Bega’s Way – 40 miles – 4 days – St Bees Priory to St Bega, Bassenthwaite. Saint Bega was an Irish princess, who once lived a hermit’s life on the windswept coast of Cumbria, before fleeing inland for fear of pirates, but left behind a magical bracelet. Monks at the 12C Norman St Bees Priory once prayed to St Bega when they feared a miscarriage of justice would leave them bereft of their land. When the time came to perambulate around their estate, a heavy fall of snow covered the entire country, except for their priory, revealing the land that was theirs.

This route connects the two churches in the Lake District dedicated to St Bega – St Bees Priory and St Bega’s, Bassenthwaite. From St Bees you travel inland through the beautiful West Cumbrian scenery and the breathtaking Lake District before reaching the simple 12C chapel of Bassenthwaite that has inspired countless literary figures, including Wordsworth and Tennyson. Along the way you will see the Cumbrian coastal plain; lakeland fells such as the Scafells, Ennerdales, Great Gable, Skiddaw and others; the rewilded lands of Ennerdale Water; lakes such as Derwent Water and Bassenthwaite Lake; and the shire-like Borrowdale, and of course, the beloved herdwick sheep.

St Bega’s Way Back – 50 miles – 5 days – St Bega’s, Bassenthwaite to St Bees Priory. This route swaps the start and end points, so you can walk a different route between the two holy places dedicated to St Bega. Along this way back, you will see some of the same landscapes as on the first route but from a different perspective, and new sights too. There are the lakes Crummock Water, Buttermere and Wastwater; fells Yewbarrow, Buckbarrow, and Sale; the church and famous yew tree in Lorton and its Vale; Buttermere Church; the ancient farming landscape of Wasedale Head and its church; Gosforth and its tall Viking-age cross and nearby holy well, and then St Bees Priory.

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