St Andrew’s Circuit

SW Scotland, 1 day

St Andrews Circuit – 3 ½ miles – 4 hours – A short tour of the historic St Andrews, Fife.  For over 500 years until the Reformation, thousands of pilgrims flocked  here from all over Europe to worship at the shrine of St Andrew, apostle and martyr, in the great cathedral consecrated in 1318 in the presence of that most famous of Scottish kings, Robert the Bruce.  Starting at the Whey Inn, where earlier pilgrims received a reviving hot gruel, you proceed through the West Port onto this 3-4 mile circuit and historical journey. Along the circuit there are 28 stopping places for reflection, from the Blue Stone of Pictish days, to the Martyrs’ Monument with its grim reminder of religious strife, and the cathedral complex — in its time one of the largest buildings in Europe. The route is dominated by the tower to St Rule. The Scottish flag, a white cross on a blue background, recalls St Andrew’s own crucifixion.

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