St Alban’s Way

SE England & London, 4 day

St Alban’s Way (also St Alban Pilgrim Way) – St Paul’s Cathedral to St Albans Cathedral – 35 miles – 5 stages. Alban was Britain’s first saint and martyr and the destination of his shrine has an awesome feeling, having had almost two millennia of devotion paid to it. You begin at St Paul’s Cathedral, then along the River Thames to Westminster Abbey, across the Royal Parks, passing by the Tyburn Convent that to this day demonstrates living devotion to previous martyrs like Alban, then to the Paddington Basin from which you follow Regent’s Canal and climb Primrose Hill and on to Hampstead Heath, Parliament Hill, through the Hampstead Heath extension to pass St Jude’s on the Hill and join the Dollis Valley Green Walk, then the London Outer Orbital Path, then the Watling Chase Timberland Trail, the Moor Mill and River Ver, and the Ver Valley walk to New Barnes Mill, then the river path to Holywell Hill, before reaching St Albans Cathedral. This route has been designed so that the start and end point of each stage is easily accessible by public transport, and the route’s top priority is to be as scenic as possible between London and St Albans.

St Pauls Cathedral
Tyburn Convent
Hampstead Heath
Green Paths
St Albans Cathedral

Holy Places listed in Britain’s Pilgrim Places book: St Paul’s Cathedral; Westminster Abbey; Marble Arch (Tyburn Convent & site of Tree); St Albans Cathedral.

St Albans Cathedral Pilgrimage in a Day

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St Paul’s Cathedral, London

Westminster Abbey

Tyburn Tree on Marble Arch Roundabout

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