Manchester Cathedral Pilgrimage in a Day

West & East Midlands, 1 day, 1-Day Cathedral

Manchester Cathedral Pilgrimage in a Day – 5.5 miles. Ancient stone carvings mark the start and end of this interesting pilgrimage route, which runs from the fragments of a medieval cross in Eccles to the delicate beauty of Manchester’s very own Saxon angel.

The pilgrimage begins at Eccles parish church of St Mary the Virgin, where fragments of a stone cross are displayed beside the pulpit. The route heads south and then east to follow the course of the river Irwell before reaching Salford Cathedral, mother church of the Roman Catholic diocese of Salford. The route then takes in two stunning yet remarkably well hidden city centre churches, the first of which even bears the official nickname of St Mary’s Church the Hidden Gem, a few steps from its urban counterpart St Ann’s Church. The walk concludes at Manchester Cathedral where another piece of Saxon stone carving can be seen, the beautiful little Manchester Angel itself, dating from around 700AD.

In collaboration with the British Pilgrimage Trust, this route was created by Nick Mayhew-Smith, author of ‘The Naked Hermit‘, and Britain’s Holiest Places.

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