Lichfield Cathedral Pilgrimage in a Day

1 day, 1-Day Cathedral

Lichfield Cathedral Pilgrimage in a Day

Circular route7 miles, 1 day – Google Map Yellow Line and Turquoise Line for optional shortcuts and Christ Church waypoint. Start at St Michael’s Church, Lichfield (with one of the largest churchyards in the country), heading through city streets via the Hospital of St John (an ancient weary pilgrim’s rest house set up to house travellers arriving in Lichfield after dark), before next arriving at Christ Church, Lichfield. From there cross the Leamonsley Brook and the Heart of England Way to reach Cross in Hand Lane, which means literally that – as a pilgrim of medieval times you would be carrying a cross in your hand at this point expectant of arrival at one end of the ancient pilgrimage route between Chester and Lichfield (the Two Saints Way). Then it’s Lichfield Cathedral and St Chad’s Shrine and Icon. Head from there around Stowe Pool to come to St Chad’s Church and his holy well (for a dip, maybe?), which pilgrims would also have visited. You are not quite yet done, as you need to make your way back to the start – on the way perhaps stop off at Samuel Johnson’s birthplace museum and thank him for his work in service of the English language?

Linear route from Gentleshaw Church along the Two Saints Way – 6 miles, 1 day. Click link to view route (no. 62 bus from Lichfield City Train Station to Ivy Lane bus stop, then a footpath to Gentleshaw Church, or you can come other direction from Hednestone Train Station on the 62 bus).

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