The Hadrian’s Wall Pilgrims’ Way

NE England, Yorkshire & Humber, 2 day, English Heritage

Hadrian’s Wall Pilgrims’ Way – 2 days, 23 miles – Housesteads to Corbridge – Start on a wild hilltop at Housesteads Roman Fort, where ‘Hooded Gods’ were worshipped. Follow the Hadrian’s Wall Path and take in its astonishing views before coming to Carrawburgh Roman Fort, adjacent to the Temple dedicated to the god of light, Mithras. Make a wish here by leaving coins on the altars, and then walk on to Chesters Roman Fort to discover artefacts from the well of the water nymph Coventina. From there you come to St Oswald’s Church, Heavenfield, on the site where Oswald erected a wooden cross at which he knelt before the Battle of Heavenfield. Next is the 7th-century Hexham Abbey, before reaching your destination of Corbridge, with its 7th-century church and Roman Town.

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Housesteads Roman Fort

Hooded Gods at Housesteads

Diana the Huntress at Housesteads

Mercury God of Commerce and Thieves at Housesteads

Mars at Housesteads

Triple Headless Goddess at Housesteads

Overlooking Housesteads Fort

The Wall

From the Wall…

The Wall

From the Wall…

Coventina’s Well

Temple of Mithras

Temple of Mithras Altar with Coventina (left)

Temple of Mithras Altar with Coventina’s Water as Offering

Temple of Mithras

The Road is the Wall

Wall and Tree

Chesters Roman Fort

Brunton Turret

St Oswald’s Church, Heavenfield

St Oswalds Interior

Heavenfield Altar

St Oswald Celtic Stone Cross

Heavenfield Replica Wooden Cross of St Oswald

St John Lee Church

Oakwood Stone (St John Lee Church)

River Tyne from Hexham Bridge

Hexham Abbey

Hexham Roman Soldier kicking a subordinate

Frith Stool – Chair of Peace

Night Stairs, Hexham

Hexham 7th-Century Saxon Crypt

Hexham Nave

Approach to Corbridge

Corbridge Church

Corbridge Church Roman Arch

Corbridge Cross in Church

Hercules (Corbridge)

Sol (Corbridge)

Corbridge Roman Town

Transport: See EH website

Accommodation: The George Hotel at Chollerford, or The Hadrian Inn at Wall and BnBs. The Angel at Corbridge and B&Bs, if staying on for second night.

Terrain: Footpaths, fields and roads, some uphill. Click for guidance by Ramblers and UK Government on how to walk on roads.

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