Guildford Cathedral Pilgrimage in a Day

1 day, Cathedral, South East England & London

Guildford Cathedral Pilgrimage in a Day – 6 miles. For the most part this walk follows the Pilgrim’s Way itself, the ancient route from Winchester to Canterbury Cathedral. It starts in the picturesque village of Shere beside the Norman church of St James, where you can see traces of a cell in which an anchorite would be walled up for the rest of their natural life. The path leads west out of the village and climbs steadily towards the magnificently isolated church of St Martha’s on the Hill, with panoramic views across the North Downs. From there the route heads directly into town, passing the small, early Norman Guildford Castle before ascending Stag Hill to arrive at Guildford Cathedral.

In collaboration with the British Pilgrimage Trust, this route was created by Nick Mayhew-Smith, author of ‘The Naked Hermit‘, and Britain’s Holiest Places. 

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