Four 1-day Pilgrimages to Canterbury

1 day pilgrimages, South East England & London

Four 1-day pilgrimages, all ending at Canterbury Cathedral, but starting from different holy places. Canterbury was where St Augustine first settled, on a mission from Rome to convert England to Christianity, and where Thomas Becket, the 12th-century Archbishop, was murdered in the Cathedral. The city has welcomed pilgrims for over a thousand years, attracted by St Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury Cathedral and St Martin’s Church – the oldest church in the English-speaking world – and its many other ancient churches, saints, holy springs, and, latterly, Chaucer’s tales. Give yourself an extra day to explore the city and hear the cathedral choir sing evensong.

Old Way (From Patrixbourne, 8 miles)

North Downs Pilgrims Way (From Chilham, 7 miles) 

 Augustine Camino (From Faversham, 12 miles) 

 Via Francigena in England (From Shepherdswell, 11 miles) 

Terrain: footpaths, fields and road.

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The Old Way