Avebury Pilgrimage in a Day

SW England, 1 day, English Heritage, Prehistoric

Avebury Pilgrimage in a Day – 11 miles, 1 day.
(7 miles without the Windmill Hill loop from Avebury).

A circular day route starting and ending at National Trust Car Park in Avebury, heading first from Avebury to the Sanctuary near East Kennett.
See Google Map waypoint descriptions for more info on each holy place.

Experience the majesty of the largest prehistoric stone circle in the world, before heading along the Ridgeway to the even older Sanctuary, the ancient meeting point from which the West Kennet Avenue once extended all the way to Avebury. Then rise to West Kennet’s Long Barrow, and maybe hum or sing in this wonderful acoustic, resonating with the spirits of old. Onwards to the source of the River Kennet, the Swallowhead Springs, and their watchful guardian trees. Next is the largest (and most mysterious) prehistoric mound in Europe – Silbury Hill; then it’s over Waden Hill before descending to what remains of the West Kennet Stone Avenue, through which you wind your way to Avebury’s stone circle, and the Tolkien trees that inspired the Ents. Next is Avebury’s Anglo Saxon St James’ Church, before reaching the Adam and Eve stones that once started the ancient Beckhampton Avenue, the alternative snaking processional avenue that approaches Avebury from the south-west. A final gentle climb to Windmill Hill, the Avebury ritual complex’s oldest site, with its magical panoramic views at sunset. And like the circularity of Avebury itself, you complete your journey by returning to the stone circle, knowing the place for the first time.

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