Aquae Sulis Way

2 day, South West England

Aquae Sulis Way – Frome to Bath – 2 days, 23 miles. This pilgrimage seeks to refresh our relationship with the wild waters of Britain – to honour and encounter the water that surrounds us within and without. It is a pilgrimage to one of Britain’s greatest natural springs – the health-giving spa of Aquae Sulis (Bath) – sacred to the Celts, the Romans, the Georgians – and everyone in between. By making this pilgrimage you will properly approach this sacred water source (which today takes the form of a rooftop Spa overlooking Bath Abbey). You can engage with the waters that you will meet in a host of ways. Why not ‘wild-swim’ in weirs, under Aqueducts, and in the confluence of great rivers? But click here to play safe. You can ford ancient fords, seek lost holy wells, drink wild water from a variety of natural springs (can you taste the difference?).

You start in Frome, a town built around a holy well. You can drink (please make sure you use a safe water filter), and wash, and fill a special bottle with this water, which you can then share with every other water source along the way.

This route was created by the British Pilgrimage Trust. Aquae Sulis Way is equivalent to the first two days of the Glastonbury Water Way.

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