Lakeland Pilgrimage

NW England, 2-3 week, Prehistoric

A Lakeland Pilgrimage175 miles, 2-3 weeks, 18,500m ascent – attempt an optional rock scramble, visit one of the ‘natural cathedrals’ or sleep out under the stars.

The route – the result of 20 years of exploration by one man, John Fleetwood – visits seven “natural cathedrals” – natural spires of rock that inspire awe in a way that man-made cathedrals struggle to match. It also takes in seven iconic places of reflection where the spirit is stilled and the surroundings imbue a sense of serenity and stillness. Seven historic hostelries are to be found on the pilgrimage – places that have welcomed travellers over many years and have a rich history. And of course there are many summits, tarns and magnificent viewpoints which form some of the very best of the Lake District and contribute to a richly diverse landscape.

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