Magical Britain Book

In August 2020, we published our first book Britain’s Pilgrim Places. It has sold really well, and continues to bring pilgrims to 600 good places and 100 routes.

However, the book’s pilgrim place criterion was that the devotional practice in the place has been historically recorded. Therefore a gap in the market remained for a book that introduces us to pilgrim places attached to less historically-verifiable lore, often with stories of giants, stones, portals, fairies, pixies, mermaids, water spirits, hobs, brownies, the Mother goddess, Merlin, Arthur, the Wild Hunt, dragons and wishes.

The Magical Britain book was born from 12 years of Rob Wildwood’s exploration, research and photography, and has 650 Enchanted and Mystical Sites from healing wells and fairy hills to giants’ strongholds and enchanted glens, many of which lie along the pilgrimage routes on our website’s directory. This adds a wonderful dimension to pilgrimage in Britain, and we strongly recommend you click on the button link below so that the BPT and Wild Things Publishing both benefit from your purchase, which we are sure you will treasure for years to come as your explore this magical land.