How to walk on roads

The stretches of your pilgrimage that you find yourself on a road (hopefully a rare occurrence) are the most dangerous sections, and therefore you need to be incredibly alert. However, in addition to the Ramblers’ Highway Code for Walkers, there are a few rules that can help.

  1. When in the UK, as a default, walk on the right-hand side, as close to the edge, hedge etc as possible, to see oncoming cars.
  2. However, if you come to a sharp right-hand bend where you can’t see round it, then make sure you move over to the side of the road as soon as possible, which should give you more visibility of oncoming cars. If the oncoming cars that can’t see you then they could come round the corner very fast, leading to potentially awful circumstances.
  3. As much as possible when you hear a car coming, turn sideways to the road with your back to the edge or hedge and turn your feet outwards, look both ways, and then look into the windscreens of the oncoming car and attempt eye contact with the driver. This makes it more likely they will see you.
  4. Don’t listen to music on earphones, as you need your hearing all the time on a road, ESPECIALLY if cars don’t come very often along the road, because their irregularity can surprise you.
  5. Try to avoid walking on roads during rush hours.
  6. If you have to walk on a road in the dark, after sundown, then ALWAYS wear a headtorch. When you hear a car coming turn towards it and shake your head to create movement in the light so that they know you are a living, moving thing attached to the light!