Guided Pilgrimage Testimonials

Overall Experience


Friendliness of the Guide


Activities and practices


Places visited


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What do our guided pilgrims say?

Taking good care of logistics

“The whole day was well planned and run at a good pace” – Claire

“Brilliantly orchestrated” – Frances

“I really enjoyed the sensation of being led somewhere. Not having to think about where we were going” – Silent Pilgrim

“[They] had put a lot of thought into the day, from arranging the vicars to be available, stopping off at the pub next to the second church; choosing the date (celebration of miracles) and the final ritual.” – Emer

Walking with a friendly guide

“[Our guide’s] knowledge, voice, thoughts and approach were beguiling. A unique experience – utterly enchanting” – Catrin

“Excellent and cheerful guiding and lovely singing voice!” – Sally

“Our guide was excellent. Attentive to our needs, brought us together as a band of Pilgrims. Loved the songs and poetry along the way.” – Angela

“Friendly and expert guiding” – Chichester Pilgrim

“Our guide was warm, kind and very experienced and generous in spirit.” – St Michael’s Mount Pilgrim

A day filled with unique experiences

“This was something different and a bit special” – Sanchi

“Unusual and special, healing experiences” – Sarah

“Neither of us are religious but we didn’t find that aspect of the day overbearing… so you have the balance right” – Nick & Diana

“The walk through the high grasses was magical and so new to me” – Bosham Pilgrim

“It reminded me to trust life a little more, and allow myself to be guided” – Silent Pilgrim

“It felt like being pulled along by a string” – Chichester Pilgrim

“It was brilliant… entertaining, informing and challenging us with a wealth of interesting and thought-provoking places and ideas. I’ll be back!”


Your favourite parts of the pilgrimage

“The natural beauty, and the silence” – Silent pilgrim

“The whole thing was a joy from start to finish. Memorable, uplifting and life affirming.” – Medway pilgrim

“Receiving a pilgrim blessing was very special and moving.” – Silent Pilgrim

“The flower ritual and song… was beautiful and a lovely conclusion to the day.” – Louise

“Combination – Body, Mind, Spirit” – Michael

“Personally wondering what enchanting things were going to be encountered during the day” – Catherine

“I liked the consideration given to the route – how we came to the stone circles at the end having experienced the more peripheral elements of the site.” – David

“The long stop at Apuldram church which was restful and enabled mindful and relaxing connections with our beautiful surroundings and other people.” – Sabine

“The first sight of the cathedral across the fields was really special.” – Helen

“A sense of reverence and connection with the past.” – Giovanna

“Seeing Greenwich in a new light” – Peter

“The whole day was amazing. Visiting the source of the Kennet the most magical bit. Metaphor about the river of life appropriate to the Avebury visit.” – Susan

“The variety of places visited” – Steve

“The final walk through Canterbury. Walking in silence surrounded by the noise of tourists and shoppers was a very interesting experience.” – Chris

“[Our Guide’s] singing. It really brought the pilgrimage element to life for me and and made me cry (in a good way!) – Michelle

“Visiting and drinking from the well in Harbledown.” – Susan