Chipping Norton Pilgrim path walk – Little Tew to Swerford 2pm

  • Start date: 22/09/2019
  • End date: 22/09/2019
  • Start location: Little Tew
  • End location: Swerford
Pilgrim path walk from Little Tew to Swerford

1652 Quaker Pilgrimage ‘In Fox’s Footsteps’

  • Start date: 16/09/2019
  • End date: 20/09/2019
  • Start location: Cumbria
  • End location: Cumbria
A five-day residential event for people who want to explore the dramatic Cumbrian landscape and the equally dramatic dissenter history of the C17th there. On Monday evening the guide will…

Chipping Norton Pilgrim path walk – Kingham to Bruen Abbey 10am

  • Start date: 11/09/2019
  • End date: 11/09/2019
  • Start location: Kingham
  • End location: Bruern Abbey
Pilgrim Path walk from Kingham to Bruern Abbey

The Dowry of Mary Pilgrimage

  • Start date: 08/09/2019
  • End date: 08/09/2019
8th Sep 2019 @ 11:30 Reception of flags Shrine Grounds @ 12:00 Pilgrim Holy Mass Chapel of Our Lady of Reconciliation @ 15:15 Procession to the Old Priory Grounds and…

Chipping Norton Pilgrim path Bank Holiday pilgrimage

  • Start date: 23/08/2019
  • End date: 26/08/2019
  • Start location: Chipping Norton
  • End location: Chipping Norton
Departing each day at 10am. Bring your own food and drink. Day One: Friday 23rd August Chipping Norton, Churchill, Kingham, Daylesford, [Adlestrop], Chastleton (8.9 miles) Day Two: Saturday 24th August…

Our Lady of Grace, Osmotherly, Annual Pilgrimages

  • Start date: 11/08/2019
Sunday August 11: Diocesan Assumption Pilgrimage – Rosary 2.30pm, Mass 3pm Monday October 7: Rosary Pilgrimage

I Am She; women’s therapeutic pilgrimage

  • Start date: 27/07/2019
  • End date: 31/07/2019
  • Start location: Ilam
  • End location: Eyam
A 5-day therapeutic women’s pilgrimage from Ilam to Eyam in the Peak District. Share a deep journey of courage, honesty and joy with a tribe of wild women, amongst the…

Diocese of Guildford – Pilgrimage Retreat to Iona

  • Start date: 26/07/2019
  • End date: 03/08/2019
The Iona pilgrimage is the pilgrimage the Diocese of Guildford offer that happens in Britain. They organise others too but these are outside Britain. Contact Haydon for details.

Glastonbury Pilgrimage 2019

  • Start date: 14/07/2019
  • End date: 14/07/2019

Chipping Norton Pilgrim path walk – Daylesford to Chastleton 10am

  • Start date: 10/07/2019
  • End date: 10/07/2019
  • Start location: Daylesford
  • End location: Chastleton
Pilgrim Path walk form St Peter's Daylesford to Chastleton

Canterbury Trails; a Walking-Talking-Writing Pilgrimage

  • Start date: 07/07/2019
  • End date: 12/07/2019
  • Start location: Rochester
  • End location: Canterbury
An abundant co-facilitated walking-talking-writing 6-day pilgrimage along the ancient Pilgrim’s Way to Canterbury. Join ipse wilderness in collaboration with The Write Road for this immersive journey into story-telling and self-discovery.…

Wales: Aeron Valley to Strata Florida

  • Start date: 07/07/2019
  • End date: 09/07/2019
  • Start location: Lampeter
  • End location: Lampeter
Offering delightful walking through the Aeron Valley, Ceredigion, before heading up towards the rural town of Tregaron and onto the ruins of the 12th Century Cistercian Monastery at Strata Florida.…
Additonal dates: 08/09/2019 - 10/09/2019

Bradford Faith Trail

  • Start date: 06/07/2019
  • End date: 05/10/2019
  • Start location: Bradford
  • End location: Bradford
You are most welcome to walk the full trail on the first Saturday of each month from April to October 2019, or to visit just one or two of the…

1652 Quaker Pilgrimage ‘In Fox’s Footsteps’

  • Start date: 01/07/2019
  • End date: 05/07/2019
  • Start location: Cumbria
  • End location: Cumbria
Swarthmoor Hall organises pilgrimages around early Quaker sites in Cumbria, redolent with the struggles of dissenters during the C17th civil wars and their aftermath. Some of these pilgrimages are for…