The British Pilgrimage Trust (Registered Charity 1176045) aims to advance British pilgrimage as a form of cultural heritage that promotes holistic wellbeing. By championing a time-honoured form of access to Britain’s holy places – from churches to standing stones, cathedrals to ancient trees, river sources to holy wells – the Trust seeks to improve awareness of that heritage, while also providing improved physical and mental health, community engagement, and connection with nature.

In this way, pilgrimage is a practice that can be of significant benefit to the general public, and many different faith and non-faith groups in Britain, as well as those who want to connect more consciously with nature, themselves, and others, walking their own path.

Bardsey Island, North Wales Pilgrims Way

90% of your donation goes towards our charitable works, helping us to…

Gather pilgrimage routes around Britain on our website’s directory, both older and newly formed routes.


Produce and make available digital maps that can be accessed free of charge via smartphones that make use of a phone’s GPS capability to tell you where you are.

Provide free of charge templates for anyone to create their own route and host their own guided pilgrimage event.


Run our Sanctuary Project, helping pilgrims seek, and local communities provide, sleeping sanctuary at a reasonable price that will generate income for the local community.  


Grow our new Old Way Pilgrimage from Southampton to Canterbury – a 250-mile pilgrimage route discovered on a C14th map.  


Open up pilgrimage in Britain by reaching out to as many different communities as we can to make pilgrimage more accessible and Open to All.


Partner with organisations like English Heritage, National Churches Trust, Association of English Cathedrals, and other nature-based organisations. 


Develop our plans to introduce pilgrimage as a new but ancient rite of passage for schoolchildren – especially for those children who may never have walked in the countryside before, or those who are going through a difficult time.

Of every £1 you donate, 5p will be spent raising the next pound, 5p spent on governance and 90p on promoting pilgrimage in Britain.

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