Become a Friend

Initiative started August 2020!

We are so grateful to the many supporters of the BPT who have helped us to develop and grow over the years since our founding in 2014. Our Friend scheme will further strengthen the community around the BPT, giving exclusive access and insight into the charity.

While we have a donate page for those who simply wish to support us with a one-off donation, we know that many of you want to engage more deeply with what we do, while also making a donation to help us to continue – hence the creation of our Friends scheme!

Getting involved can mean test-walking one of our routes, guiding your own pilgrimage event, contributing to the Old Way Online Guide, or adding nearby guided pilgrimages that you spot being advertised locally to our nationwide non-BPT events directory, and much more…!

Bluebells on Helman Tor, Cornish Saints Way

As well as knowing that you are helping us to continue our work, our Friends will receive many benefits….

Friend of the BPT: £24 per year, or £40 for two Friends.

1. Year-round access to the Old Way Online Guide

2. Year-round access to the Sanctuary Project (launching next Spring!)

3. Exclusive Friends of the BPT e-mailouts

4. 15% off all guided pilgrimages (re-launching this Autumn!)

5. 15% off Cotswolds Outdoors (for all your pilgrim kit!)

6. 10% off Tristan Gooley’s Online Course: ‘Beginner’s Guide to Natural Navigation’.

7. A welcome letter and thanks from the BPT Team

Become a Friend of the BPT 

Firm Friends: £72 per year or £120 for two Friends.

1. All of the benefits listed under ‘First-step Friends’

2. A free one-day guided pilgrimage every year, worth £60

Become a Firm Friend 

Life-long Friends: £800 or £1,500 for two life-long Friends

All the benefits listed above, every year, for life!

Become a Life-long Friend 

Your support will make freely available to all our commitment to:

  • Gather pilgrimage routes around Britain on our website’s directory, both older and newly formed routes.
  • Produce and make available digital maps that can be accessed free of charge via smartphones that make use of a phone’s GPS capability to tell you where you are.
  • Provide free of charge templates for anyone to create their own route and host their own guided pilgrimage event.
  • Run our Sanctuary Project, helping pilgrims seek, and local communities provide, sleeping sanctuary at a reasonable price that will generate income for the local community.  
  • Grow our new Old Way Pilgrimage from Southampton to Canterbury – a 250-mile pilgrimage route discovered on a C14th map.  
  • Open up pilgrimage in Britain by reaching out to as many different communities as we can to make pilgrimage more accessible and Open to All.
  • Partner with organisations like English Heritage, National Churches Trust, Association of English Cathedrals, and other nature-based organisations. 
  • Develop our plans to introduce pilgrimage as a new but ancient rite of passage for schoolchildren – especially for those children who may never have walked in the countryside before, or those who are going through a difficult time.

Become a Friend