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The BPT offers a hashtag campaign to help clean up Britain’s holy places – #SalubriousSaturday aka Make a Holy Place Healthy Again #MAHPHA Come Saturday, make the journey (pilgrimage) to your favourite holy place – be it holy well, church, tree, hilltop, or cathedral – and to help to make it healthier by removing the […]

The Smugglers Festival Micro-Pilgrimage 2019

The BPT has pioneered what may be Britain’s first Festival Pilgrimage route! Will Parsons, co-founder and original visionary of BPT, has teamed up with Smugglers Festival in East Kent to create a pilgrimage route that festival-goers can follow. Read more: So you want to head along to one of Kent’s best small festival events, for […]

“100 Silences” Pilgrimage in the Brixton Bugle

At the end of Will’s “100 Silences” pilgrimage, he gave the remnants of the battlefield soil carried from Southampton to local children in Brixton, who laid it on the war memorial (built only last year) for African and Caribbean servicemen. This is the article as written for the local Brixton newspaper: Young and old join […]

Churches and Pilgrimage (How to get Britain going again) An Article by William Parsons for the NCT

This September, Will wrote an article for the National Churches Trust Annual Review, about his vision for pilgrimage in Britain and how churches can become places that more people engage with through the open act of pilgrimage. Have a read of the article here: Here’s a quote from the article: “We have seen time […]

The Old Way in Suitcase Magazine

The Old Way pilgrimage recently featured in the Slow Edition of Suitcase Magazine, an award-winning travel mag much loved by ‘influencers’ globally.  Will guided Rae the journalist on the last four days of the route, rich with castles, holy wells, ancient trees, and more churches than you can shake a pilgrim staff at. It was […]

The Old Way pilgrimage in the Telegraph

We are very glad to share this article about the Old Way and the BPT’s work with you. Many thanks to Harriet Compston and the Telegraph.

Rupert Sheldrake talks to Russell Brand about pilgrimage

The British Pilgrimage Trust’s Patron Rupert Sheldrake was recently interviewed on Russell Brand’s “Under the Skin” podcast. Here Will has edited pilgrimage-relevant excerpts from the interview. Brand on Pilgrimage: “To me it sounds bloody delightful” – “It’s the sort of thing I might do, actually” – “I wanna go to a bloody cathedral”

Green Pilgrimage – Radio 4

Will speaks to Radio 4 at the Green Pilgrimage Conference in Canterbury Cathedral. Pilgrimage is more popular than ever, with hundreds of thousands of people travelling great distances to visit holy places on foot; an experience that is inextricably connected to the natural world. There is an increasing amount of interest in how to make […]

Make your own self-guided Jerusalem Song Pilgrimage

To self-guide a weekend micro-pilgrimage to the song Jerusalem, we recommend Alastair Sawdays’ website (slow travel and special places specialists), who detail a section of our route from Dunsfold to Haslemere, staying in the amazing Roundhurst Barns – an unforgettable night of wooded luxury at the foot of the Black Downs, where in the morning […]

Video: Song Pilgrimage to Ashburnham Lady Well

A film by Will Parsons, showing part of an Old Way recce. Our pilgrimage began at St Nicolas Pevensey, a Church built by William the Conqueror in thanks for his victory over King Harold and his conquest of England. Many landscapes are passed, from the military to the empty ghost lands of Manxey levels, which […]

British Pilgrimage feature on BBC 1 Songs of Praise

William Parsons, and Guy Hayward, founders of the British Pilgrimage Trust, were honoured to be featured on BBC1 Songs of Praise during their  pilgrimage from London to Walsingham. Will had devised a pilgrimage route connecting Willesden and Walsingham, and he had found a song to offer for each day of the pilgrimage (you can listen […]