Where can British Pilgrimage happen?

Pilgrimage in Britain can happen almost anywhere. The historic tradition enshrines setting off from your back door, and making your own way to the holy place that summons you. Or, you can make pilgrimage in your lunch-hour, by simply following the pilgrim pledges and walking toward a holy place you feel offers wholesomeness. Pilgrimage is an entirely open and available ritual, unbound to particular routes or destinations.

However, there is also a very valid tradition of making pilgrimage along great routes, organised pathways that are often more ready to offer pilgrims the type of experience they might hope to find. This too is valid. Simply choose the way that best suits you.

Britain’s Great Routes

If you are unsure what a holy place is, read our guide.

Guide to Holy Places

We are also working to create a new flagship route for British pilgrimage – the first of many we shall restore – and you may wish to follow¬†this route, The Old Way, from Southampton to Canterbury – or even get involved in its creation…

The Old Way