The BPT offers a hashtag campaign to help clean up Britain’s holy places – #SalubriousSaturday aka Make a Holy Place Healthy Again #MAHPHA Come Saturday, make the journey (pilgrimage) to your favourite holy place – be it holy well, church, tree, hilltop, or cathedral – and to help to make it healthier by removing the […]

The Smugglers Festival Micro-Pilgrimage 2019

The BPT has pioneered what may be Britain’s first Festival Pilgrimage route! Will Parsons, co-founder and original visionary of BPT, has teamed up with Smugglers Festival in East Kent to create a pilgrimage route that festival-goers can follow. Read more: So you want to head along to one of Kent’s best small festival events, for […]

BPT in Telegraph’s list of Top 20 walks with ‘added meaning’

The Old Way makes the Telegraph’s 20 top walks ‘with added meaning’. BPT co-founder William Parsons tells the Telegraph all about it in this article listing Britain’s top 20 pilgrimage walks, ones with spiritual, heritage and literary ‘added meaning’… Also listed are two routes developed by BPT’s Guy Hayward for the English Heritage project in […]