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Winter Pilgrimage

Winter brings shorter days and unpredictable weather – but you don’t have to put pilgrimage on pause. Here’s why BPT’s Dawn Champion thinks winter is perfect for a one-day pilgrimage.  “When is pilgrimage season?” I am often asked. Chaucer would have you believe it begins in April, and for most people the end of October […]

The Mini Pilgrimage Experience: Canterbury in 4 hours

From our ancient hunter-gatherer ancestors, making pilgrimage to sites of special significance has been deeply embedded into humankind across the world for thousands of years. Discover the essence of pilgrimage in our four-hour experience on the North Downs Way with one of our expert guides as part of a small, intimate group. As we journey […]

British Pilgrimage in the Spectator!

Last Saturday (July 2016) the British Pilgrimage Trust featured heavily in an article in the Spectator. We had little choice about the line the journalist took, and he decided on a ‘pilgrimage now with less Christianity’ angle – which is strangely quantitative, and possibly mis-leading, because there can be as much Christianity as you want […]

Video: British Pilgrimage and Tony Robinson

This July (2016) the BPT took the wonderful Tony Robinson on a pilgrimage – the first one (he says) he has ever made. We’re not sure we entirely believe him – we suspect Britain makes far more pilgrimage than it realises, albeit perhaps unconsciously. This piece was for Channel 4, and will come out this […]