Yorkshire Dales Abbey Way

NE England, Yorkshire & Humber, 1-2 week

The Yorkshire Dales Abbey Way – 136 miles – 13 days – Kirkstall Abbey to Whitby Abbey. Pilgrims travelling on the Yorkshire Dales Abbey Way connect with seven of Britain’s greatest abbeys – Kirkstall, Fountains, Byland, Rievaulx, Lastingham, Rosedale, and Whitby – as well as one of the most storied and dramatic landscapes in the entire country. According to folklore, every dale in Yorkshire is inhabited by a hobgoblin – if you’re lucky (or perhaps unlucky) you might catch a glimpse. Regardless, it’s best to leave an offering of honey just in case. Whitby Abbey, too, is full of stories: it is said that the seabirds here dip their wings in honour of Saint Hilda, who once founded the Abbey. Take the Yorkshire Dales Abbey Way, and create some stories of your own.

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