St Birinus Pilgrimage

3 day pilgrimages, South West England

St Birinus Pilgrimage – 28 miles – 3 days – Wallingford to Wallingford (circular). Saint Birinus was the first bishop of Dorchester; a sleepy little village that was once the centre of Christianity in Wessex, before it was eclipsed by Winchester. Dorchester is the mid-way point of this circular route, that visits many sites closely connected with Birinus’ life. But the Thames Valley is also a place of myth and magic – the route takes you over Wittenham Clumps; two domed hills that are the location of an Iron Age hill fort, buried treasure, and a “cuckoo pen” – a grove a trees with the power to trap a cuckoo, and thus ensure a never-ending summer. The far side of the pilgrimage takes you to Churn Knob, a round barrow where Saint Birinus once preached. Follow the green paths as they take you off the beaten track, close to England’s navel.

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