John Schorne Peregrination

3 day pilgrimages, South East England & London

John Schorne Peregrination – 30 miles – 3 days – Winslow to Winslow (circular).  John Schorne, Rector of North Marston, Buckinghamshire, lived between 1290-1314, and was recognised in his lifetime as a powerfully holy man. One year after a prolonged drought, he struck the ground with his staff and was out poured water, which soon gained a reputation for curing illness.

John Schorne also famously trapped the devil in a boot, an impressive feat that inspired replica models – the origin of our ‘Jack in the Box’ toys. When John Schorne died, he was buried in North Marston Church – but so many miracles occurred at his shrine that in 1478 the Bishop of Salisbury claimed his bones for the new St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

This pilgrimage takes you around John Schorne’s home countryside south of Buckingham, and to North Marston, including his holy well.

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