Hereford Cathedral Pilgrimage in a Day

West & East Midlands, 1 day, 1-Day Cathedral

From Madley: 8 miles. Burgundy line on Google Map below.
From Credenhill:
8 miles. Yellow line on Google Map.
From Bodenham via Marden:
10 miles. Blue line on Google Map.
St Thomas Way, Hereford City Circular: 
2 miles. The looped burgundy line around city centre on Google Map below.

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  1. Richard

    Hi I am looking for a day walk to Hereford Cathedral-these walks may be suitable.

    • Richard Morris

      Credenhill walk is fine to do in a day – I parked in Credenhill (near the church which was open), walked to Hereford cathedral with 2 other pilgrims and got a taxi back to the car. Not all churches were open. Nice rural walk so glad I had a packed lunch.


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