The Essex Priory Way

2 day pilgrimages, East of England

The Essex Priory Way – 21.5 miles – 2 days – St Osyth, Stone Point to St Botolph’s Priory, Colchester. Follow the glorious shores of Essex for 20 miles, from the church of Saint Osyth at Stone Point to St Botolph’s Priory in Colchester. The well-trodden paths pass brackish creeks and open fields, before arriving at a second church dedicated to Saint Osyth at Brightlingsea – Essex’s finest 15th century church tower – and a rare tide-mill. But this is not purely a landscape of the Christian faith; magic is found here too. This area was the centre for a series of trials in the sixteenth century; where local wise women were put on trial for witchcraft. The wind-worn beauty of the Essex coast makes for a bewitching place to do pilgrimage.

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