Pilgrimage Kit

In everyday life, you use the right equipment to get the job done. Your car is the best possible way to travel the motorway network. Your lawnmower is the best way to keep the wild-flowers suppressed. Your bank account is the best possible way to pay for that coffee you didn’t really want.

So it is with pilgrimage. There are tools that make the job easier to do.

Much comes down to personal preference. But even more doesn’t. We wish to talk of the layer of absolutely indispensable requirements that we have distilled from many years of making British pilgrimage and getting it¬†wrong. We made the mistakes, so you don’t have to.


So here we present the basic essentials for pilgrimage-making in Britain – what you need, and where to get it. And how to make this as small, burden-free and cheap as possible. Because no-one wants to shunt around a vast backpack full of overweight rubbish you’ll never use. Pilgrimage is not a suffering game. It is a freedom quest. Less is more. But mostly, less is less.


So let’s boil it down to basics: