Pilgrim Songs for the British Tradition

We like to sing these songs on the path!

Maybe the very first British song we know of written down with words and music together:

A new composition of old words and music by William Parsons as a song to honour the heritage of pilgrimage in Chichester:

A song to sing in Mary Churches:

In this sub- 15 minute compilation are 15 songs from 15 days pilgrimage. We made it in 2015, on the footpaths from London to Walsingham. Every day we recorded one song in a different holy place. You can learn more about this pilgrimage here.

All recordings are live and ‘in the wild’.

Feel free to learn them, make them your own, and give them away.

To hear these songs in their full length, and see all lyrics, please visit our Bandcamp page.

Visit the Bandcamp Page