BBC TV series “Pilgrimage: Road to the Scottish Isles” on iPlayer now

Have you watched BBC Two’s latest reality TV series “Pilgrimage: Road to the Scottish Isles”? All three episodes are currently available on iPlayer. The merry band of pilgrims includes thoughtful ‘Pagan’ Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen, wise Christian instagram influencer Scarlet Moffat, kind Sikh cricketer Monty Panesar, serious Muslim comedian Shazia Mirza, loving Jewish actress Louisa Clein and […]

The Walter Hilton Pilgrimage Day

THE WALTER HILTON PILGRIMAGE DAY From Thurgarton Priory to Southwell Minster Saturday March 26 Join the group or start when you like Rupert Sheldrake, one of our patrons, whose roots are in Nottinghamshire, plans to go on this one-day pilgrimage, and if you live nearby, he invites you to join him. It’s about five miles. Whether you […]

BPT chosen by Financial Times’ How to Spend It

Thanks Financial Times and their ‘How To Spend It’ team for announcing us as one of ‘five extraordinary walking holidays’ across the world. “Lately, the pilgrimage – those Celtic and early-Christian walking routes-as-rituals of yore, often evolved along ancient pagan pathways – has been experiencing a revival in popularity: slow journeys that take in wilderness, sacred sites, […]

Walking Improves Your Thinking

Walking increases creativity, both while you’re doing it (as in the scientific study below) or in the long-term, because your brain’s creativity improves from walking over time. All the research in the article linked below makes us think of the ‘set your intention’ aspect of how we distinguish a pilgrimage from a walk, and suggests […]

School Pilgrimage Podcast with Fr Graeme Rowlands

BPT’s Guy Hayward speaks with Fr Graeme Rowlands – Priest, Chairman of School Governors, Guardian of the Shrine of Walsingham, Canon of St Paul’s Cathedral – about his work in taking school children from different cultural backgrounds from the Kentish Town area of London on pilgrimage to St Paul’s Cathedral (Year 3), Westminster Abbey (Year […]

A Muslim on a British Pilgrimage

Khalil Martin, a muslim, reflects on the pilgrim places and practices he experienced on a BPT day pilgrimage in Winchester Let’s leave aside for a moment the question why a Muslim is participating in a pilgrimage to predominantly Christian sites in and around Winchester and focus on what aspects had meaning and relevance from a […]

Healing Medieval Pilgrims

The NHS turned 72 this month, and this year many of us are highly conscious of the importance of community healthcare. Keeping fit and well was essential for the medieval pilgrim, when lengthy journeys on foot carried much higher risks of injury or illness. Pilgrimage was often made in order to seek healing, either for […]