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Stonehenge Solstice Pilgrimage

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Our pilgrimage will commence upon the banks of the River Avon, at a sacred place some folks call the 'Stonehenge Spring’. This incredible wellspring is one of the reasons why Stonehenge came to be and is not open to the general public (on private land), granting us a one off experience. It is a place that the ancient inhabitants of these isles worshipped and made offerings... the waters being full of many ancient artefacts some from 10,000 years ago when aurochs roamed the land. Set within an enchanting glen we will rest and dream a while; receiving a ritual blessing with these ancestral lustral waters and the euphoric flowers of midsummer. Bringing ourselves into alignment with the blessings of the season, ‘Hauldro Haf’ and the great turning of the sun. From then on we will walk the ways of the Salisbury planes visiting mysterious barrows of kings of olde, ancient trees and sacred places… finally processing the avenue path of the Summer Solstice Sunrise to the Hele Stone and into Stonehenge itself. We’ll complete our pilgrimage within the heart of the henge for sunset, aligning our pilgrimage and prayers with the world at this auspicious moment. We look forward to sharing this beloved landscape with you on this special day of Solstice eve' through ceremony, ritual, story telling and song. This will be a day to remember!
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South West England
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