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Imbolc Pilgrimage

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This is a pilgrimage which meets story telling, ritual & song taking you on a deep and soul enrichening journey through the heart of the land ~ This will be a day to remember! Our pilgrimage will commence at the foot hills of the hooves of the White Horse of Uffington. Lore states that in the galloping of this solar horse through the earth, that it released life giving springs to the area through it’s hooves digging deep into the ground. Snaking through the landscape we will descend into the valley where 7 chalk filled springs converge, in a mossy filled glen to ritually bless ourselves and the time of Imbolc together. Asking these lustral waters to cleanse away the winter tide, reigniting our vision, dreams and sight for the coming of the season. Rising up through the landscape we will ascend to the fiery beacon of Dragon Hill. Lighting a lantern and welcoming in the Eternal flame of Brighid into our hearts and all hearths. Journeying higher still, we will pay a visit to the White Horse bringing our offerings of water and flame to quench his thirst and unfurl his mane; so he may awaken from his slumber in this time of rebirth. Settling further upon the crest of his hills, we will circle within the Uffington Castle for lunch and libations. From this crowning seat of the landscape, walking through the castle's western gateway to join the chalky ridgeway track, we will set out for the neolithic long barrow Wayland's Smithy. Entering here into the belly of the earth, we will reforge ourselves with sound, silence and song. To exit refreshed, renewed and reborn. Culminating atop these gate keeper stones as the sun sets and the full moon rises ~ torches and lanterns will be lit with Brighid’s flame, to celebrate our way across the White Horse planes back home.
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Uffington Horse, Car park
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Uffington Horse
South West England
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If transport is tricky on the day we have a car lift scheme in place. Please email the organiser who will see if any one is travelling from your area.
4 miles
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  • Dog friendly

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Charlotte Pulver