Digital Product Designer (Freelance)

Duration: Max 3 months, full-time.

Fee: £10K per month.


The British Pilgrimage Trust is a fast growing charity that aims to promote the practice of pilgrimage in Britain. The charity’s focus is on providing a digital discovery and enablement platform, aligned with on-the-ground resources (volunteer guides, waymarking etc). The current platform has been built incrementally over a number of years and requires significant re-tooling to enable the charity to achieve its objectives.


  1. Web Architecture
    1. Search & Discover
    2. Top level & 2nd level Navigation
    3. Header & Footer
  2. Information architecture:
    1. Fronts, nav, conversions..
    2. Information tree
  3. Page layout
    1. Standard templates for page layout (4-5 max)
    2. Copy (fonts, size, general typography, length per page)
    3. Images (resizing, alignment with text)
    4. CTAs
    5. Fronts vs articles
  4. Parity Mobile vs Web
    1. Accessibility
    2. Performance
    3. Experience
  5. Sign-in and/or Subscription
    1. Surface prompts for signup/sign in
    2. Adblocks? CTA’s?
  6. Backend vs FrontEnd
    1. CMS (upgrade for page creation, adding images etc.)
    2. Integrations (e.g maps)
    3. Performance/stability
    4. Maintenance plan: Resources & tech
  7. Community Infrastructure (for each pilgrimage route and regional)


  1. Agree overall objectives: what we do; what pilgrims can do; how pilgrims and donors engage with us
  2. Take ownership of the current platform
  3. Divide into essential features vs. performance features (Kano model)
  4. Create a roadmap to deliver the objectives
  5. Document new architecture and management processes
  6. Help define the job description for a permanent role


Previous product management, creative production experience and a passion for developing, optimising and scaling products are essential

Experience working with WordPress and other CMS

Strong analytical skills, comfortable using qualitative and quantitative data to inform product decisions

A good understanding of the digital media and advertising landscape