The BPT offers a hashtag campaign to help clean up Britain’s holy places – #SalubriousSaturday aka Make a Holy Place Healthy Again #MAHPHA

Come Saturday, make the journey (pilgrimage) to your favourite holy place – be it holy well, church, tree, hilltop, or cathedral – and to help to make it healthier by removing the litter that so often gets left behind.

Salubrious is a beautiful and under-used word. It means:

Favourable to or promoting health or well-being;
(of a place) pleasant; not run down.

Britain’s holy places should be pleasant and not run down. So on Saturday, try to be a good custodian. And if you fancy, take a photo or video to share the story of what you have helped make better, using the hashtag #SalubriousSaturday (#MAHPHA) – so we can see your good works, and we might all encourage each other to take better care of this Land of Britain and its many holy places!

See you on the path! #SalubriousSaturday

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  1. Jean-paul Boudreau

    I whole (holy) heartily agree.